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ed income for a General Practitioner or Family Physician.

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Cancer," Brit. Med. Journ. 1892, p. 1341. — 39. Hebra. "Epithelioma developing on

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six hours. The fever paroxysm is, therefore, prolonged. 2, The

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It can be seen from the table that the bactericidal experiments agree

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the mechanism of the mammalian limb. Boston M. & S.

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by C.E. mixture. If chloroform be used, it should be preceded by

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On the Diseases of the Kidney Amenable to Surgical Treatment:

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nondiagnostic, and no cause was determined, but the patient

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the left ovary in the first case contained three small cysts. lie

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not self-absorbed. The main type of her neurasthenia is spinal, she can

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" Meat and Morals " of the great Russian reformer, " Tolstoi," shall

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Dr. Cochran had relaxed the tense parts by flooding the mouth with

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under the use of the balsams; the compound tincture of benzoin,

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oblongatam to the lateral branches of the medulla oblongata; and

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a hot drink, and repeating this once or twice in the

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to supernatural intervention) almost identi- >, Pharmaceutical Journal.

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115. Burkhardt. Corresp.-Bl. f. Schweizer Aerzle, 1893, No. 17. — 116. Chvostek.

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portions that, unless something is done, the very basis

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Dr. Swayne stated that no sutures v.-ere used to bring

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