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neuritis by the ful^urant pains, the crises, the pupilhiry changes, the bladder

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must not be kept in a state of total abstinence from food, for famine is frigid and arid.

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for the secretion the cells may enlarge and become basophile ;

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the abscess be septic or whether it be of that form caused- by the ameba

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was well represented and suffered the greatest mortality in

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may communicate with each other by means of direct or long irregular

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Deficit of Hydrochloric Acid. When hydrochloric acid is absent

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should require them to be taken off, the feet held before the fire and rubbed with

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blood. If the activity of the lungs is impaired, the

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healing ointment. Oxide of Zinc Ointment is good. After

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lymphatics. — Mr. Caird showed — (1) A patient from whom he had

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New Regulations of the Board of Health, The. . . 61

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IndTirs'Lfto'b:^:;' main reliance in a certain class of neurasthen.es

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for him the honour of the late Prince Consort's friendship and

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medicine. Those who constituted this school were, for the

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think also that the early treatment of fractures is advan-

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not so leave the secret of his making it ; he could not

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inflammation of the middle ear, if symptoms of inflammatory irritation, or indi-

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Printing business. None need apply who are unde<;

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668. IMacaroni Pie — Ingredients — ^ lb. of macaroni, }4 lb. of saus-

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is too often greatly damaged, and not unfrequently levelled to the ground.

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the base of the skull, but more especially the pons Yarolii,

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and the muco-membranes of a varied appearance, which are

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a drachm ; mix and make into twenty-four pills, take one or

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number have been used and reported on. Murray,'® influenced by the

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Fortunately, we have it in our power, by the judicious

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and it is quite possible that the group as it now stands and out of which

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and, as the field of vision is falsely projected in eveiy direction, there

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body contained this quinine-like substance, and that its

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the treatment of the disease. Bernard also found that

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which might have led to the assumption that there were giantrcells