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tick -infested cattle. The ticks can be scraped off by
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remove it the same as a testicle, by surgical means.
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Medical Department of the University or the City or New
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of infection taking place more frequently on the right side
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speed to make up lost time, or want of punctuality, both of them
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and skin of the buttocks were the sites of irritation.
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fever. It is also interesting in view of the absence of any
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covering the whole ground dealt with by the recommenda-
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fhis very procedui*e, I am not prepared, at present, to go these
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it there "wasn't air enough for her to breathe, her
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to the fact that it has the power to direct the reaction
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fully reviewed the literature on this point and added
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none of them have had the numbers ttat Cheselden treated.
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vate matters, physicians refer patients for some well
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and this was of vital interest, not only because it
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should be applied over the desired area by rubbing it
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physicians really skilled more than others in treat-
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Solis-Cohen, of Phi!adel])liia. on Lessons from tlie
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state of the nervous expansion, in such sort that it reacts equally
type, beside which there are six hospitals overseas
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maceration in chromic acid, to consist of about one hundred and
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tions, prescribed by the general government and the
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l)orted that the glands at the bifiu'cation of the trachea Avere
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the treatment of cancer, although as stated it is the
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havior toward his parents, another for his behavior
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the principal base hospitals in the country reflects
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feet well nnder the body, in order to take the weight
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When these teeth are punched out, the roots are likely
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