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educated and willing to give their aid. I am now able to say this is
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matique. Ann. d'ocul.. Par., 1899, cxxii, 250-266. Also:
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appendicular abscess. No exploratory tapping is permissible.
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serves as the key to the explanation. The existence of a
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carried out in the shortest possible time. In the greatly prostrated and
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itients in his collection attributed the occurrence
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The vas may be infected the whole way along. In early
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stains tubercle bacilli, being intended for other pur-
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take place at all on so vexatious a question, the report be
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interstitial and cellular tissue. In the chronic inflamma-
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Fibers stained v>ith Osrnic Acid. — Osmic acid preserves
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Hooping-cough may be complicated also with a disordered con-
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changes in blood flow, while the opposite arm showed throughout
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fantry, admitted to Surgical ward. Post Hospital, Camp
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piano, etc., also while standing during recitations
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add many varieties resulting from the association of the-e dif-
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of Luys, who intoxicates the hypnotized j>erson by rubbing a scaled
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der tiio microscope, at tlic previous meetin);, he had since o[)er-
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to death ; and they justified this barbarous treatment on the ground, that if the sick
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think. Of all, purity of air is the most im|)nrtant
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of treatment could l)e relied on, and we must be prepared to use
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to cold caught five months ago from sleeping in a damp pantry,
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may he given effectively at a university located at some distance from the city
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IS" All literary communications and exchanges should be addressed to Dr. CAMERON, 273 Sherbourne St.
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will be charged as per scale of charges on page YIII.