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apply to the Secretary of the Branch. No member can be
fosamax femur fracture mdl
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D luble Ovarian Disease — Round-celled Sarcoma and Epithe-
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three Presidencies, meeting, as far as possible, the wishes of
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Cavernosum ; (5) Aneurysm of the Vertebral Artery in a
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administration. Mr. Brennan frets, and with reason, bec>iu=e
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(d) to obtain an Act of Registration for sanitary inspectors, in order that
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death should on no account be sent by the medical attendant
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as those suggested in the communication from Dr. Francis Warner.
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ROYAL INFIRMARY, Bristol.— Honorary Assistant Physician. Appli-
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their homes to the various hospitals. The Metropolitan Asylums Board
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Plymouth, 2.6 ; and Southampton, 2.7 per cent, of attacks.
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under the Dentists' Act ; (d) results of preliminary examinations in ISita,
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only); J. D. Williams, M.D., Dowlais (Branch only) ; Mr. A.
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think that each case must require its own incision. I have
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this District will take place on Friday. May i9th, at the Hospital, Oraves-
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made hasty preparations for an early laparotomy, but, finding
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When first introduced ten years before, it was recognised
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263 cases under treatment ; in the week ended April Sth about
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notified. The connection of these cases with the rest of the epidemic is
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GooDHAUT : On Points in the Diagnosis of Heart Disease. —
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second week after the arrest of the contaminated supply. An
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Public Health Act of 1891, to take the place of the sanitary
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