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The outbreak of zoster seems to be quite uninfluenced by the simul-
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air was moist. The conditions necessary for the production of
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in cases of febrile disturbance and so-called "excitement," it
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side of the body ; while at other times an attack, beginning thus locally,
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ceeded from some pestilential carcase. (0 Zanam Hist. Med. des
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In his original article, Mall described reticulum as a form of connective
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with pure water brought a distance of some nine miles from
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"One chemist in St. Louis recently informed the Journal
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many valuable treatises have appeared in France and England
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^ Macleod, Physiology and BiocI- emistry in Modern Medicine, \>. 691, London,
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The germs are always present in an animal having the disease.
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Strong nurses are required when the patient is an adult, for the pain
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can be felt corresponding to the patent interparietal suture.
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soothing and restorative influences of anodynes, diffusable stimu-
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