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inflammation of the testis or epididymis be a necessary step in
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quired for fatal results is from two to three weeks, but ordinarily
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had lasted for some hours, intelligence was conveyed to her that
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Thermal reactions. — This organism grows very feebly at a tem-
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ments of those who have not yet passed the " grand climacteric ;"
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conductors, and they will doubtless add considerably to the reputation of
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belongs the most of the credit of the dis- should therefore be regulated with precis-
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obtained by a study of the toxic symptoms in man. There have
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gerrums iv a goom bile in 'is peridiculus. that among them are countless billions that
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of their cases. In one of these which showed hemoglobinuria
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deceived than that it rarely does, giving as he gave it, produce
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by MM. Becquerel and Rodier, on the different modes of treatment
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In cases of navel-ill, the umbilical \ein contains a large
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sure on the closed lip lessens the gap in the sary procedure in the majority of cases,
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were universally resorted to, we are of the opinion that bad and
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dence was quite conclusive that the disease was contracted
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change for the better under the use of the er ; there is no oozing, and all the fissures
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physicians, his case appeared on the pneumonia list, and among
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during the first stage for any adverse indi- vent serious shock.
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der shows an area of inflammation 3 cm. in would kill cells as well as germs, but it
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before it will live and multiply in living animal tissues. It
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total want of peristaltic movement, requiring turpentine enemas
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Sample (12 oz.) BoHIt Ecthol Sent Free tn Receipt ef 25 Cts. to Prepay Express
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sion of the mucosa, be taken to some of the lymphatic glands
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necessary to have a physical contest with a patient ; indeed, if
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Nodules and pustules are sometimes found on the skin,
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of the inhabitants of hot climates, to the effect, that it diminishes
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the stomach, which does not always take place when the sulphate
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priety, in all cases, in estimating the degree of importance to be
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An enormous amount of money is invested in the domesticated
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past, in regard to all other powerful remedies and poisons, and all
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potassium and acetic acid should be in accordance with the
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gites supervened, redness and heat extend- placed in good position, the thumb ampu-
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narcotics and restricted diet r and eventually nitrate of silver, cor-
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glands ; j^ellowish serous exudates in the larger cavities of the
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entirely due to the abstraction of blood, (See Lancet, Aug. 6,
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editor, that it is an improvement in cupping, to stick with wax in the bot-
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has done his part towards supporting the children. He was in a comfortable condition
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large quantity (20 c. c.) of fluid. The other le.sions which
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I have used Resinol Ointment and Soap with much satis laction.
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