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was also a director of the Gaelic church in Aberdeen, and has been
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gradually extends downward to within a short distance of the testicle.
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nian courses of medicine, including Lobelia, Steaming.lto prevent imposition, which has been frequently prac-
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the deaths from carbuncle and phlegmon in England and
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muscles believed to be weakened by disuse. In the sur-
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addition to these, Boeck's case has been put in this group, as the disease was
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to determine the very important pathological question that dis-
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and constipation. " The pain starts in the leftside all
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could be obtained in another way, for instance, by the in-
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closely resembling the effects of an irritant poison, was unaccompanied
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anatomy which a student learned by force (such as that of the
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part, tends to produce many mental impressions ; in part by the things
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Amygdophenin — an analogue of phenacetin — the new compound
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An Electrolyser for the Surgical Treatment of Stricture.
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out any damaging interference on the part of the med-
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1 832. At the close of this case, from the hollow sound on per-
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which they are applied into the canals of the skin in an entirely pas-
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this fact. A slight central lesion, i. e., an injury to the spinal
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Not infrequently tubercle nodules run together to form
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Gastro-intestinal disturbance is not uncommon and may persist for a
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turcescence of the laryngeal membrane. But why this particular result should
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injured party ; and will often protect him not merely by the punishment
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the breast and up to two years of age. Five hundred milligrammes
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It is simply so as to change the name of our Society, or
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Carl Huge"- has stated that in the absence of the preg-
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improbable result of such a complete check to the current of blood
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lated albumen, 70; gelatine, 17; phosphate of lime, 5; water and loss,
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3 Reports of Visits by Commissioners, No. 20, p. 45.
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to bear down. Simple prolapse of the mucous membrane
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13. Large swollen extracellular form. Note the coarse fused blocks of pigment.
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other affection, and perhaps one which may be cured by treat-
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Case II. — Mr. J. W , aged fifty-one, English, mar-
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tion with tuberculosis or carcinoma of the peritoneum,
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Professor of Botaiiy, Physiology, and Materia Mcdica in the
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with it, the cardinal resource in the treatment of hysteria ;
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the subject are frequently' received from medical officers. I recom-
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At the close of Dr. Koch's lecture, Professor Virchow
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characteristic and easily differentiated clinically. In previous contri-