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chair I sat down, and gave place to Dr. Richardson It was a pure acci-

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tuberculosis — the simple serous effusions, the simple inflammations of

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and I confess my inability to remove the veil by which the subject

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hales from its surface a quantity of the gas. It was commonly applied to irri-

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Dr. Wilson : The indicator on the bottle tells how much chloroform

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Dr. Jere A. Crodc, of Jackson, stated that his experience in

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gauze had been left by oversight in the abdominal cavity at the time the

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If the inflammatory process has been less rapid, the lymph is

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is more prevalent in small places than in the city, and the conta-

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Unless some one does know of a reason, I move that his request

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it is more than probable that this form is synonymous with

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—Number of Injections of Vaccine in, each Patient.

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E. H. I'lace, M.l>. ; "After-treatment," J. J. Thomas,