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arterv, just an inch from the commencement of that artery. Ihe re-

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we look at a lady who is not dressed to receive com-

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safety-valve it is difficult to see how the kidney, with its large afferent

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as in previous sessions, owing to the difficulty of arranging the meetings

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tion would have occurred had they waited longer before terminating

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either from inflammatory condensation, or from the extension of the

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Post Mortem Examination. — The lumbar and intestinal glands were

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Jobin with the predicted outcome. Patients with that

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second assistant-physician. The election is to take place early in Sep-

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degenerative changes or have altogether disappeared.

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abscess near the surface of the lung, tends to run a different course from

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ing her aside, was half-way up the stairs before the

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of human origin, the question arises whether the bacillus maintains its

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ulcer of the lip. The wound on the right paw measured a little more

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At the end of a month weight was freely placed on the limb, the

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Medicine. By referring to the Medical Directory we cannot find that

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Anatomical and pathological researches undertaken for the purpose

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social and scientific arena of the thinking, hard-working medical stu-

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trained with the same care as their brothers, and educated in the same

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of Bernard, and more particularly during the last twent}- years, this

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the vagina, varies with the resistance offered by the abdominal walls to

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disorganisation, but such is not the case. Microscopic examination

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fits of excitement. Respiration and circulation became more and

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Fig. 75 —Malignant granuloma. Mare : section of lung showing cirrhosis,

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On the 15th June it was operated on under chloroform, and the left

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Luke's Ward on June 14th, with a tumour in the right hypochondrium,

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with her foot. The conjunctiva was deep red; the respiration short,

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quinine treatment were said to have been most satisfactory, and stated

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solid ; therewas also a layerof congested omentum. In orderto return this

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the forearm or hand ; but the arm was sensitive at its anterior and in-

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America. We believe that American surgeons will cordially welcome

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of calomel were given. Tuberculin produced no reaction.

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of glass from one of the forcing-houses of a market-gardener, who lived

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■whose scanty means will hardly enable them to procure the necessaries

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form of haemoptysis associated with organic heart- or lung-disease. I

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auscultation a doubling, rolling, or prolonged first sound ma\' be heard,

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lated, the red corpuscles standing out quite clearly. No white cor-

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undergoes change, nutrition languishes, anaemia sets in, and becomes

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thick layer of infiltrated fibrous tissue enveloping the tendons, the