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present a very accurate synopsis of midwifery. The authorities for the leading
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The results of the operation in forty days as noticed by me
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Regimen or lrygienic management is of the utmost importance
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of scirrhous tumours, the morbid growth in fungus htematodes
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sulphuric acid, containing arsenic as an impurity, in the preparation of the
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swelling and effusion. But the left eye is now painful, show-
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inasmuch as by condensing the current knowledge of the day
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students learned very many things which we have en-
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cases without unpleasant gastro-intestinal symptoms. We have repeated
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for the most part it is furfuraceous. Rarely does the
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ten grains of neutral tartrate of potash, and dissolving in two
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of a waxy consistence. It easily bends. It is so readily
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5"Amer. Journ. Med. Sci.," Feb., 1897; * " Med. Times and Hosp.
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questing information as to the working of the sani-
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healthfulness of paving in general, and of the sanitary conditions
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against Medical ethics which it involves, which has secured
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contains more than the proverbial grain of truth. The
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normal habitat, reach the lungs, and there in cooperation with other
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very carefully sterilized. No postpartum douches are given
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a method for general employment. For the early diag-
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growth of fibrous tis-sue. On the clianges in the walls
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affections of the uterus appeared in the eleven vol-
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The Board of Education has recently published a new syllabus of