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Lithliria. — Recent years have brought about a great change in our

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from within. Among the common external causes may be mentioned

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In advanced cases and even in the earlier stage of the disease the

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of suffering from pain. Simple dressings for fractured bones are the

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patient's sufferings. When the articular pain is intense salicylates

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two kidneys, aggregating about 75 miles in length; when we consider that

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purposes ; a deficiency which could only be supplied


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exertions such as running and stair-climbing, especially after a more

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nation shows that the patients are excreting under the ordinary diet

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chorea, as overstudy in school, anxiety in regard to examinations,

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to stimulate the cutaneous nerves. Rub the surface of the body

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loss of appetite, inability to labor either with the hands or mind, cold

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position and their calling, as well as their desire for companionship

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cially among females and neurotic i)atients. It often appears about

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It may be noticed that some of the remedies mentioned, as the sul-

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the College and in the medical literature of the day,

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Cutaneous Plginenfafion anJ Dustrophi/. — Kent Spender/' of Bath,

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and it sometimes has the imilateral distribution which is associated with

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to include under the treatment of diseases, suitable prescriptions with

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Granular Ophthalmia. — This is a disease which often results

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traction. The electrical excitability, both galvanic and faradic, is also

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inent on the external as on tne cut surface of the organ. Sometimes the cortex

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duced no abiding impression; and the whole matter remained in the

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is concentrated, but contains what for acute nephritis would be a small

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without an initial inflammation of the joints of the great toe. Of

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Uda/iifls and herpes prepntialis are uot uncommou. They can be

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That which supports entire organs is instanced in the fibrous

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acute yellow atrophy of the liver, and phosphorus poisoning. Fractures of

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There are three varieties of iritis : simple, rheumatic and syphilitic.

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significance to that of serum albumin and globulin.

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siderable interest to the physician, and such defects together with

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medical belief and practice. There has been no intention of narrow-

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in amounts prescribed by the physician. Coffee, black or with cream,