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Oulten, and an assistant in charge of each hospital.

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cut is then continued through the corpora quadrigemina

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though generally known as narcotics only. It appears,

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and time. Medical supplies must not be permitted to accumulate

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Speaker Crenshaw thanked Dr. Roberson and his committee

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beneficial influence of the institution. Thanks were awarded to

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tube inoculated with the heart blood yielded growths of Staji/ij/lococcus

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In spina bifida we find a sac filled with serum, and covered by the

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arteries are difiicult to compress. The veins of the entire left leg,

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The line of apposition was perfect except at the inner

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than she had been able to do for some time previous. Next day we could

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tee, which consisted of Drs. Gurdon Buck, John A. Sweet, and T. Camp-

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views are on this important subject, it is gratifying to

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or the normal pelvis. The injection of opaque substances, such as ooUaigol

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the sides of which concentrated, chemically pure nitric acid is allowed

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Paralysis has disappeared, he can walk and use his arms as well

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chloral, and digitalis, admitted subsequent to October 1st, 1870, and since dis-

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no instance has it given. rise to any symptom which could induce a

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Anat. Anz., Jena, 1897, xiii, 137 - 149. — Fagerlnnd

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She remained in statu quo for another five years until 1899, when she

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few days later he noticed a weakness in his legs which grew

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the Profession. Thus, as examples, we may mention the

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The waxy casts, like the brown granular casts, are ultimately sup-

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maniac. Some persons seek in morphia oblivion from their troubles and

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it with similar duties on a subsequent occasion. The first part

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of Riga's disease in the United States, The patient, ^een at the

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steel pens), the use of a hard steel pen seems to favor the devel-

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symmetry of form, graceful motions and vigorous actions,