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Where the spine is affected, where there is suppuration into

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same thinj; after the long-continued and excessive use

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surgery, and unless the patient is going to the Tropics, where fibroids

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This completes tlie survey of the mammalian liver in its

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brauch an Nahrstoffen im Deutschen Reich. Centralbl. f.

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required in the one case is opposite to that of the other.

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find place but in the library of the student of military campaigns, while the

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Censors recommend, because, as I understand the organic law,

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question, it will be better to treat of it in this place, as if

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There are many who are inclined to scepticism with re-

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development. Also, the complexity of the nervous sys-

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ated and contused wounds are less apt to bleed profusely;

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has described a double continued fever, Thompstone and Bennet

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ican army in the war of the Rebellion ( 1 86 1-64), said :

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the bowels did move the next day very copiously, still it was only a thin,

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charged during twenty-four hours. Pancreatic ferments may be demon-

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sachusetts, they are liable to receive dangerous goods.

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31, 1888. Slie complained of frontal headache, and that her

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arranged all his matter in proper order before his death. Dr. Buzzard

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days' to three weeks' duration, or even longer, as in one case. Occasionally

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splinter or thorn, the surrounding parts will soon take

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farther, and rapidly shows a tendency to heal ; but occasionally deep