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cator for liquid medication in the cervical and uterine
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on this point. It is easy to keep the temperature almost constant, by covering
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the disease to the extent of tolerance, i, 6., until the pulse is slowed and a
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cially, neuralgia, hysteria, cancer and ulcer of the' stomach. A
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will be seen hereafter that tlie different species of fever present, severally,
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she was able to masticate readily within a week therefrom. Three
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can not fail to lead us to the conclusion that, although many of the
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They were then removed under gas anaesthesia, and a thick drainage
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blood-vessels grow into the tubercular deposits. Tu-
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abbreviation. For this reason it has been found necessary, in
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softening, cystic degeneration, and fibrosis are de-
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which form, by adhesion, a firm bundle. The individual intestinal con-
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on each side of it are called respectively epigastricand
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arborescent, and is best shown by an examination of dried specimens ; the
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lyEsranc, Adolphe, MJ)., Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University
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The tendency in our physical organization to atone for
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for compensation for medical services rendered to the
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ix, 146-155. Also: Med. News, Phila., 1887, li, 258-262.
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When a second dose is given before the effects of the first have
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Kupture of the heart is, as must be readily appreciated, a rare
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before me, and been acted on with all the success of which it was
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it is important to insist upon gradual increase of the
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lation for about three days. Au incision was made down to
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of them could any definite trace of the original affection be
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The head of the jjaucreas was enlarged, adherent to the
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of urine, they were called uremic symptoms, or uremic poisoning.
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instances, but into a hell-jar with a certain number of fleas
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rinth are intact. Gruher has first demonstrated that, as in
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portal circulation, by undigested food, backward dis-