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are for the most part kept separate. The time for co-education
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terior of the brain should next claim attention. The
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empty the blood out of the limb. He also reminds to constrict
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on the 36th day after inoculation. The average number of days of life for this
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tion before suppuration ensues the patient is likely to
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applied externally with a view to assisting the peripheral circulation, and thus
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(b) Cheloid in a female, aged 21, under radium treatment.
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of Congress January 5, 1905, "To furnish volunteer aid to the sick and
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The mental attitude in neurasthenia is peculiar. The
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much as may be sufficient. Keep it warm in an earthen jar till
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tem, and in the production of animal heat. The pulse at once rose to
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so that the individual parts can not be differentiated,
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to my mind. As I never had tried it, I thought this
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brought up to date. This is especially true of the sections dealing with
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not easy to locate, on March 11, 1904, after violent wretching and
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290-302. — Ijncas (R. C.) On a case of hereditary sup-
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cept in two or three, and these were directly traceable to
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is no class of diseases more common than those characterized by catarrhal
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perience, they rush for a set of tubes, and back they go
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Charlotte Square he had a large and lucrative business. The death
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By reason of the rapid vaporization of the positive carbon
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of specific tissue elements, and favours the development of young cells as non-specific
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favour. To bring that truth to usefulness, she distributes it
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served time in the State's Prison but denied that it was his duty to
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intermittent strabismus may be noted. The pupils vary,
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motor paralysis, and without impairment of any of the forms of special
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with him. Boracic acid, one part with seven parts of