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the appearances after deaih were, as he states, analo-
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place can teach us many things if carefully scrutin-
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that I have had greater opportunities of verifying my
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reference to this point. As regards the question how T long agglu-
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certain burns of the second degree, since experience has
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Manipulation. — That would seem to be a very rash
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article on the climatology of Florida, has shown that, in an observa-
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increased ; it is apt to be less forcible than in health, is generally com-
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Felt perfectly well when he left, but on the 10th, towards evening, felt some
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operation, I was struck by the change in her appear-
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which acted directly on the raucous membrane of the alimentary
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found most frequently situated about the bottom of the fissure of Sylvius
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reason why he rejected men with some heart abnormality for
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ing tissue ; but there are tonsils which from their
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ingenuity in the invention of instruments for bringing together the edges
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is afforded by the skiagraphs and stereoscopic photographs,
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the disease. Though often occipital, it may be wholly or mainly
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the stomach, to prevent the blood from exciting low and putrid fever,
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catarrhal conjunctivitis. In many cases no modification of the
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not a single case of eye inflammation without an associ-
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after the cessation of the cough ; otherwise it might return with des-
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I HAVE treated of tliose diseases which arise over tiie whole body requiring the aid
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but it is a waste of energy, to urge that the few scattering
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Occur in sheep as well as in oxen, and give rise to symptoms of
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particular (Bruecke) ; obstruction of the venous circulation (G.
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Besides, it is impossible to refer the case which follows, and
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creased transformation of tissue during the fever. Delirium and other
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Elmer, R. Edson. of Indiana; Clarence W. Wille, of Pennsyl-
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Since the mortality from diphtlieria has been diminished
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serious symptom, and furnishes grounds for a gloomy prognosis. It
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only five of possible communication from husband to
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imnner than S. novyi, and it is not agglutinated by serum of
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after the same plan and with the same instrument described
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and in incomplete hemiplegia the fault is not so much
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