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of dsath by stabbing, and cutting the throat was made use of

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oharacteristic mucous protrusions at the site of Morgagni's ven-

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and lesser curvature to be the most irritable portion of the stomach.

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brain in which it resides; and that each faculty forms, recals,

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nistic to those affected with the spasm. In one case which fell

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throat specialist. This is probably because the internist is

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digress into the broad subject of dietetics in general, or the influence of

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without deligation of the inferior part of the artery. At first all went on well.

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Hematogenous Theory. This theory is that the urobilin can be

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every case he had found Koch's bacilli. If that were

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tant indices of the extensiveness of the morbid process; and the

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may be possible and best to do as the patient desires,

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The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

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boar, and the white-lipped peccary (Dieotyhs labiatus), is found

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private wrongs, is to settle the amount of the compensation, and to assist

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Foundation and it is not a problem that needs to be addressed at

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pearance of the local lesion when the membrane is developing and

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will allow. It will be readily seen that the main object of

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which will often,under this kind of irritation, extend itself far beyond

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occurring in the uterines texture, and the influence of congestion

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Berg, M.D.; David Bean, M.D.; Donald Humphreys, M.D.;

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these latter cannot, in the nature of things, be expected

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