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Lord Lister, Lord Kelvin, and Sir William Gairdner, and there

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lary area of the same, is a punctate abrasion of its epithe-

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which takes place in its cervical position. The fundus first enlarges to

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thus obtaining a conical end ; next cut a large eye in the tube about an

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Sooner or later a greenish fluorescence appears. The cultures have

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If inspiration becomes short, and expiration prolonged, I

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the role played by the lymph vessels. According to Haeser

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will be the results attained. It becomes imperative, then, if we

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vert the lesion into a surface wound, and to isolate the septic

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slight menorrhagia. The pelvis was blocked with a fibroid, which

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stitutional disturbance succeeded to the operation: the patient

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is periodicity of symptoms associated with the menstrual

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toxic serum, as in diphtheria, and not an antimicrobic one. These authors

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AIDS, see Group G Streptococcal Bacteremia With Presumed Endocarditis

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expanded what I could do readily for patients without their

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derangement in fetal life. Nor are we sure that spasm causes the hyper-

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member that you have not cured the |)ati( nt by reduc-

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almost all diseases of the locomotor apparatus, whether of bone,

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superimposed ujjou decomposing secretions and crusts. It is abso-

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the insertion of the deltoid is the most convenient for the operator and

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of the whole lower limb in wliicli, as a ])atient walks, he

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Announcement that " The officers shall be as follows : " — amongst others we are to elect a

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way we may analyze nitric, chloric, and clu'omic acids. Mr. Scott

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it was possible. Two have seen one such case, ten, " a few,"

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In chronic catarrh of the bladder this redness of the mucous mem-

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this purpose. Starke's apparatus for permanent irrigation, which is

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lant, and it is the loss of its chronic effects that is felt by

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the nervous system. It is needless to say that only very small

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already noticed, may require anodyne remedies. The succedanea of opium

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upon the attention of the accoucheur to this point. (See Tenancy by Courtesy,

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devised for the administration of gas oxygen anaesthesia resulted

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layer found in the caudal part of the hemispherical vesicle,

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der Wund Artseny," was first published in 1497, when he

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were those of Neisser. His method of treatment was to give

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