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Dr. Cheatham : But a man would hardly live eighteen

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Drs. Harley, Dickinson, Greenhow, Gull, and Pavy, and called by tliem inter-

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field from Herrick's case, and below, some individual cells on a larger scale. On

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Form variable ; small rods, spherical, ovoid, bottle or balloon-shaped,

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I was not so greatly disappointed that Congress did not give ns •

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given led to the supposition that its formation was hard, but that

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palpation of the apex-beat, differs from that obtained at the radial

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quence. Tlio elongation at this particular spot, the two ends

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paratively large amount, having led to this error. Hsematuria, in these

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78-80.— Milues ((}. H.) Note on the fevers prevalent on

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to a greater degree than would correspond with the pulse-rate, while at

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the death. .\nd thus, in the blood, we note that life

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Westfall, attorney for the State Medical Board, is prosecuting the

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Much new material has been added, and that which is obsolete

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tempted, liie abscess being simply opened through the

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fore coming to me a "piece was cut out,' anl3 the cavity

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urine, according to Dr. George Johnson, is by Esbach's

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treatment of either the chronic or acute variety have

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The state of the patient after operation was unsatisfactory

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in a case complicated by paralytic dementia. So Buss, too, found de-

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Carbon Monoxid Poisoning in a Child Five Years of Age;

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neighbouring sensitive portion of the parietal peritoneum

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the 275 autopsies performed, or in 23 per cent of tlie total 117

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size of a split y>ea to that of a small lien's egg. They often have a


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the part of its students. Furthermore, many state examining boards

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ancestry, one of paralysis, one of apoplexy, and twelve

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in March of this year, on account of a left oblique inguinal

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essentially in the administration of turpentine, freely at first (60m.

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Some of these questions can be answered out of present knowledge.

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there exist also woods with variable action, so that,

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