Deriphyllin Injection Is Used For Side Effects

simply a disease of the skin, but of the wbole system ; for although it is classed

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and most constant. Convulsions are absent. The patient may become

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colour-blindness, t. e., such colour-blindness as unfits persons for railroad employ-

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deriphyllin injection is used for side effects

H. C. TOMPKINS, M. D., Knowlesville, Orleans County.

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for duty. Medical Director Price has recommended investiga-

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Thompson, Richard D, 1341 Milwaukee St, Delafield 53018

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are sympathetically involved in the degenerative process due to

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of the State that it is doing so much to help in a right solution of

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may commit acts of violence. Obscure medicolegal problems arise

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expense of arterial blood. It is, however, more probable that this is

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advancing steadily onwards till all the diseased hairs have been removed,

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cases in the island being estimated at 10,000. By far the greater

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Loeb, J., Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc, 1916, ii, 313; 1918, iv, 60; The organism as a whole,

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away the susceptibility to its own reception. Many series of experiments

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for about six weeks. The history here suggests a likely infection or,

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but for the medical man the interest of the case ceases

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mortem examinations ; and it is very evident that he had not critically examined the

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chief points on which reliance must be placed are the following : — ^First,

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Alloway (T. J.) Case of recto-vaginal fistula. Mon-

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muriatic acid is added to the affected part, the salts are dissolved, with

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supposed to result from the slow and niggardly manner in which

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I. After the introduction of these poisons into the sub-cutaneous tissue, or after

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this view was confirmed by the result of inoculating

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mittels iiberhitzter trockner Luft," Deuts. mcd. Wochenschr. Leipz. u. Berl. 1898, xxiv. Yer.-

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It will also be noted that the faint trace of nitrites absorbed

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opposite surfaces of the pleura, roughened somewhat by the exudation

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to see the patch grow clay after day. I think peroxide of hydrogen never

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mals continued to flex and extctid their limbs with force and ce-

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intoxication, and there has been so little work done that a definite opinion

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the specific gravity of the urine being 1040 and under, the total

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Put into each apple from one-half to one teaspoonful of sugar, according to