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The class of Materia Medica includes two very different subjects,

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pressure or skull-])ercussion, is highly suggestive, though not absolutely

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tions of local vascular fulness and activity, dependent

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I. A. Vice-president of the Royal College of Surgeons in

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cavities of the heart. In this way, in 1849, the late Prof. Meigs accounted

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symptoms, and watch the physiological effects produced. This

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contents of an ordinary Board of Health phial of the

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These results confirmed their belief in the existence of a volatile poison

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man is definitely suggestive that not only are drug allergy and

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gives a startling account of the nature of the supply of m i l k

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diaphragm. Owing to this phenomenon steady fixation

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or require free venesection as adults do; and in their cases, chiefly

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below the costal margin in the right mainmillary line, and

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air, unless the weather is very cold ; expose the face and chest especially to the breeze.

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".'"""'''•"■■'^ ■;■"■ ■^^'■- -'- ■•• >-,„„... ,„..„,-„..,. ,!,. .i„n..,.ul,„ ';il

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months — any possible future progress from undersize to oversize was

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Thus the falacies of the profession are gradually being discovered,

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ous membrane absorbed ; and tlms an almost perfect cure

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anus; but they generally affect the head, and extend down-

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how, by a process of development, new species may arise and

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conscious. Her pulse was 140, full and strong; coun-

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the supervision of Major George Groff, U. S. V., pub-

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recent adhesions ; and it was universally coated, where not adhe-

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whicli should always be done in case of vaccination in

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results so repulsive to Christian civilization and humanity,

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Stambaugh, Mich., and she has both an M.D. degree and

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submitted sixteen foetuses to destruction might have added

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asylum from receiving him, or if the police inspector pooh-poohed his

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it afibrd some relief, give nothing, or, if the patient does not, or only

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the water drawn off. Under these circumstances of palsy the

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The other 50% is due to the growing intensity of medi-

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affections, which might possibly evoke further elucidation by discussion.

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cumstances of the local prevalences in question have