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choroid lining the sclerotic. On cutting through the choroid a

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been professors in two colleges at the same time. Two, Drs. Dana and

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Tannin, sulphate of zinc, acetate of lead and alum may

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reported in November, 1921, as being perfectly well.

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parently inflammatory process, with a large base, and

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him never tiring, ever busy, ever discovering, ever

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er and swamps, than any other inhabited district of the same

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in extent. In advanced cases the inner surface of the intestine, with the

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nal but close to the tumor, and the subsequent incision of the

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objects, chiefly, in mind: (1) to provide a vessel accurate at least to

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Colonel Stammers with fifteen otiKcers. Other disinfecting wagons used by

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it leaves little or nothing to be said upon the subject. Shock following

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scattered over the back in varicella; they occur in the

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treatment, in complete recovery, or in adhesion, or it may termi-

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talization of the animal ligature. If I understand the author,

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The sixth epidemic (1891-96) appears to owe its origin in India

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tion, and delirium is constant and even violent; when the con-

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complaints that the patient could thereby not get one instant's sleep

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Prognosis. — Dengue is seldom fatal. A few fatal cases have been

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easy. Lastly, we seem by this name to free from barbarism

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of importance. Dr. W. A. Potts, writing recently on the subject

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de Par., 1873-8. 2. s., i, 201-293. . Ethnologic de la

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vity and the relationship they bear to the different organs.

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begin their three years' Course of instruction in Dental Mechanics,

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the old Toronto School of Medicine. vSubsequently he became

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VVidal test in the diagnosis of typhoid fever. This is

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All the sulphites which can be administered internally may be given either

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cause of death. Clinical observation shows that patients affected with

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strategic insurance planning. A comprehensive approach to

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transportation. And if tliis be true, it is correct to say that a disease may

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without any motion, a portion of worm about three feet in length ; the

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his fellow workman he said he felt very ill and had pain in his

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tomy. The reason for the high mortality in cases where gastro-

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cate steel plate engraving. This substance, from its being found in such

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zontal posture. There are several more short chapters, one