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pathetic nervous system of the digestive tract, abdominal vis-
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Amputation of the Thumb. — The more one can save in these cases the
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from Kivvisch's Clinical Lectures on the Special Pathology and Treatment
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practical reputation ; unlike the other professors, he gives his clinique at
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means has been tried." Sheath in '93 reported that he had abandoned all opera-
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and other infantile diseases, and so did keep the babies alive.
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ment, thus relieving- the whole length of the colon from anv
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the point by a good deal I have already expljined to him that the ova,
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Esmarch bandage, commencing at the hand and continuing to the armpit; after
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diminished." This diminution is mainly effected by the
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ever, in obtaining this favorable result, and of these I
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technique of the methods of to-da}' came into general application.
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Dr. William W. Reese, of Brooklyn, had apphed common
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who levels at his aching head a tract, loaded with cheering
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but unfortunately about 30 per cent sink into " terminal dementia," which
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It seems useless to tabulate the data in regard to similar recoveries
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In black-water, on the contrary, we get almost pure dark-green bile. Finally
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nosis in chronic valvular disease of the heart involves nothing short
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Fig. 8. Influence of boric acid on phagocytes. Human leucocytes, average
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most characteristic cases of early insanity of puberty
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u-ually from the tenth to the -e\enteenth d.i\ . At thi- ,-lai;e -ei ondar\'
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M. Von Zeissl" observed a suppurating t\imor of the
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act in that capacity. The privilege of secrecy may be waived by
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potash, is calculated to diminish without extinguishing its acidity.