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the slightest complaint ; he was found on the following morning in
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free access of air, it was correct in that it laid particular
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form of abdominal disease. The abdomen was opened, and, on
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pations requiring complete mental alertness (e g , operating
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child, the father remaining uncontaminated ; or a syphilitic father may b^^et
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allied, clinically and pathologically, to those under dis-
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istering ether — the semi-closed. With this method
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affected. The nose is broad, the cheeks full and flabby, the mouth large,
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The enlargement was enormous and bilateral. The right lobe was the
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Another well-established fact is that recovery from mental
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birth-paralysis or death. The almost tetanic contractions of the
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b_\- Duckworth, the patient died with a high fever and in a typhoid
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I have no doubt that if these directions for the treatment of
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Pain in the distal ulnar region can result from carpal
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Bernard, Ger.ild, M.D.— Assistant to the Extra-Ph)-sicians, Royal Hos-
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cut is then continued through the corpora quadrigemina
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persons in districts, where, owing to the activity of auxiliary causes, tlie dis-
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puts it, " the fundus of a myopic eye is the only object
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lactic and therapeutic measures to reduce, if possi-
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the largest corps of instructors and the widest range
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traction: they may be regarded nearly as iriorganic tubes. Be-
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lowed twenty days afterward. The patient had been taking
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is to be hoped that further reports of experience with these
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Mr. Richard Organ's application be accepted by the Council.
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cures took place in only from sixty to eighty per cent.