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inoculation, and analogous therefore to the inoculated variolous pustule.

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was shown in a case of migraine, examined by the author with Harbridge,

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acne, lupus, lichen ruber, and pemphigus, in which arsenic is supposed

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to this form of dropsy. The dropsy in these cases is due to obstruction

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numbers of the medical staff is discussed at some length,

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affections, which might possibly evoke further elucidation by discussion.

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cases of very severe uremic convulsions, and in neither of them was

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All of his oculists pronounced his case one of pigmentary degen-

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used as a pastille, as a dressing, or as an ointment. The pastille is used

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while the external passed up to the axilla, similar to the long

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laminated exostoses, the conversion of the bones by acids into a flexi-

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-by the majority of the Education Committee ; I did not make any endeavor particularly

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rents. There were no objective signs of disease in the thorax

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ward securing a permanent home for The JouBirAi., you now

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The following are some of the Toronto Doctors who recently

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still later the acid-base equilibrimn of the blood returns towards the

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results attributable to the treatment. Are they fortuitous or specific?

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skill. But of its being sometimes useful under these

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time and adjourned at a reasonable hour to fit into the gen-

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ance is as positive an evidence nearly of the continuance of the

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failed to do you any good. There will be no charge for

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path which they have in common. Symmetrical nerve deafness may be