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dozen cups or leeches, drawing six ounces of blood, can be applied with
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urer, O. W. Roberts, of Springfield, Mass. ; Censors, ist, N. W.
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has lasted about five or six days ; a heavily coated tongue and no tremor,
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avoiding similar pitfalls. The technique of operation is now
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second phalanges of the toes, and the principal extensor muscle of the
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above it. Palpation elicits sensitiveness at the lower border
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matter tightly bound down by the muscle and fascia,
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districts or villages. These epidemics have lasted in some instances three
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onset of his present illness, he had several tarry stools,
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per cent, of the cases, and may occur at any stage of the disease. It is
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Second: As an equipment for his endeavor, besides an un-
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associated with lumbar pain, and to a certain extent this fact is to be
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The above illustrates the way all Exterior Erosions or Ulcerations of the
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and more chance for adhesion and recovery in that way than
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A third form of disorder in the motor sphere is, like
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difficult as well as the most important and at the same time most
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ment was asked and granted, after due warning of possible
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interfere with a proper equilibrium of the circulation.
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exercise and mental excitement, advising perhaps the relinquishment of
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low atrophy of the liver. In the condition of enlargement which occurs
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3. Very well marked development of the pathological lesion, which is mani-
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treatment ; or of those afflicted with diseases of the throat
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For the entire duration of the course, the afternoons will be devoted to the clinical
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intervals of at least three years, but if the indi-