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being exaggerated, the left being well down to the bot-

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tooth below canine fossa. A few days later, on pressing suborbital

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provement in public and personal health, - the prevention - of

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the average. An., who managed only 40 seconds, withstood 6.8 per

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work, whether in or outside the home, breast or bottle

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him to read his own books has no sting in it, as it might have

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When dysentery follows upon, or is associated with, intermittent

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can judge, sufficient to prevent the too great influ-

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peritoneum is now stitched to the outer skin, and secured by button sutures.

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diaphragm is the most important factor in the produc-

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of the sensory fibres in the cord, according to the views of Brown-Sequard.

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recovered was there any question of the necessity of

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infection. (3) The deposition of saffron-colored fat well up to and

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All). a. d.gehurtsh.-gynaek. Klin.zu Marb., 8°, Leipz., 1885,

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1887-'88 it may be found. Their rules for sterilization of

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the fixed intention to tear himself out of the habit, yet is it not certain that

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procession incident, as I sat there with this couple, I

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does not usually vary it much in writing ; he gets one

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the blood pressure and vital capacity. His paper on Penicil-

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the spleen with anemia and subsequent cirrhosis of the liver

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time had observed but few facts; and on these facts they pre-

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were duly appreciated; but it required the knowledge