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pied with an examination of the propriety and advantages of ansesthesia in

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ture," says The Laiuet, " are there so many distinguished

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signs their mobility, rapid growth, and the tendency to varicocele on the

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apart) until ten years ago. She has had nine labours, eight ending in

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the condition that they are contributed solely in this Journal.

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Outline Tests for Muscular Insufficiencies of the Eye.

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that is, a mass of metal with a rope fastened to it and passing

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surface of the chloroform, while the mineral adulteration falls to

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of peritonitis during the period of observation of the high temperature, and

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of Parcdysis of the Lower Extremities. By E. Bkowx-Seqcard, M. D., F. R. S.,

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and pneumococcal vaccine, and although these produced a

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was not repeated so often as I wish it had been. I give you the

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discharge resulting from the existence of fiuor albus, gaining ad-

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There are two widely different diseases in which the voice very frequently

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ment, and that Dr. West has an ani/mis or malice against him.

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pain consequent upon infection will materially interfere with

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cows in milk are more exposed to accidental inoculation than other

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General stable duties and customs. Protection of weak horses

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unite. The iris, which is bruised more or less in its upper

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nerves of all pressure and the muscles from all irritation, the

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by tall trees that fan pleasant breezes about the hotel and lawns.

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with antitoxin can be referred in any large measure to the prevalence

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patient said, the " erysipelas," which had on several occasions

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Amongst the donors to this interesting collection are Professors Gervais,