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gentilis), the Cooper's hawk (Accipiter cooperu), and the
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surely. The patient has a normal temperature, pulse, and
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bolus in the mouth and pharynx; therefore, eliminate foods
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direct evidence of their truth had been adduced. Dr.
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to attack the bones. Cases are reported now and then, however, in
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ranks of teachers by this means candidates are required
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According to Mr. N., we may easily prevent the vapour from being inhaled
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Elste (German marine report) found loss of ])ody weight in all cases.
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for the cure or for the arrest of morbid conditions involv-
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" Having now passed in brief review the several rational measures which
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Most beats are paced at a rate of about 71 per minute (840 msec, pluse interval). Several pauses are noted
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the general peritoneal cavity, but as much salt solution as the
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sharp detail; a blur is sometimes sufficient,- so that is not a
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. , . . . , « ,, , tures the broad ligament was cut. Then deep-
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history of non-traumatic rhabdomyolysis, or a history
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by pressure or otherwise to neighboring parts. The former may be called
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At considerable length he discussed the etiology, then the
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and granules which tended to clump together into fairly
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• ination, opening an abscess or dressing a septic case. The results
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sequence of the pains of labor having been controlled by ether-
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has come to regard a free movement of the subcostal angle as an
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