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teins. At the same time, however, we mentioned that from the few
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of the type created alarm and medical advice was sought, when it
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ihere was regurgitation from the ileocecal valve into the first six
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The Presidejit, Sir TJwnias R. Frase)-, said that the discussion
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of the same patients having been attended in different periods of their
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' The lesion here referred to is the occurrence of hyaline droplets in the wall of the capillary
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Exhaustion of the quadriceps muscle either by fatigue or by faradization
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Trustees were made a body corporate with powers and duties
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the cardiac disease, should be given in small quantities, and diluents should
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' In PUtenicla lie was Uie Bsven viewed ooUHCtivoly as " the soul of
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perforated in the middle. This jar holds the freezing-mixture, which may be stirred
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Send for copy of By-laws and Monthly Bulletin. These lists will be furnished
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for the distension of the chest with fluid to be so rapid
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reasons. First, they represent possible risk factors in the
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resection are typically deep-seated involving the pelvic
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p.. New York City. Surgery Publish- tides from the Research Laboratory which
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tient, colored, was twenty-eight years of age, strong
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