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to the eye; it certainly is taken up through the cor-

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are dry, and then have them powder themselves with cornstarch or baby powder. I think

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on the rehitive rate of growth of streptococci isohited from milk,

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But as for the putrefactions of the bodies of men and living

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ter IS'o. 22 (F.), the usual suppository of one-fourth grain of

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nal cavity ; and I have some fears that it never will

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pronounced, the fever assumes the characters of hectic fever, abscesses

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Lastly, the disease might be propagated from neighbour-

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in favor of this there is, continues M. Donne, an alleged direct expe-

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that whenever it was present there could be traced some concomitant

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believed, many cases of supposed puerperal fever were in reality

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it is said, practice inoculation by blowing the dried smallpox crusts

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tism by means of salicylic acid and its compounds. I

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intestinal tract, or are perhaps produced elsewhere; (2) to secrete bile;

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