Who Makes Phenergan

speech is difficult and indistinct. H the muscles of the back of the neck be
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Cyr, 12fr. 60c. ; " Treatise <m Obstetrics or of the Parturition of the
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Candidates must be between 15 and 19 years of age, and
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•employed in the different departments of medicine. In Latin, candi-
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whom they recommend to be elected Associates of King's College^
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(2) The nuifiufactu ring process Is Easier to contr3l;
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that certain early symptoms, whose nature was at first not correctly recognized,
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Diagnosis. — The milder cases of psychasthenia have often been classed
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from a few months to two, or five, or even twenty years, the second stage
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old products repacked. Contractors may resort to attemptii^ deliveries at short weights
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side cannot be brought into the corresponding position (strabismus), and
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are precislDn-made to fit the pi«ip chamber, thus allowing the sam quantity of milk that
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symptoms of compression. Local applications to the vertebral column are
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of a physical nature, and also because a knowledge of this disease, which is so
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and the clinical material available for teaching has thus been greatly augmented. Such
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anterior portion of the pelvis is raised by the contraction of the abdominal
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also shown some good results, but we must not build very great hopes upon it.
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merely the result of the primary disturbance of the ideational life. We admit
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the disciples of Mormonism, Spiritualism, Christian Science, and " New
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for instruction in Ambulance and Hospital Corps duties, until the commence-
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conducts, under the immediate direction of the Clinical Professors, the
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Three books of Homer, or one Greek Play. (Candidates are advised
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when their thoughts are taken up by something else do they become quiet and
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number of marks collectively in the University class examinations in.
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in trigeminal neuralgia, we often see a marked pallor or a decided reddening
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Deaoon of the Facility hi writing. Thereto most be added : (1) Certifioate of
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other modes of expression, which are brought about not by the ear but by
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changes have been found in the posterior columns and posterior roots (Dinkier,
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cartons, wrappers, and paper which come into contact with the finished product.
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ri^ttJ^iJ^^/ swallowed, the larvae penetrate the wall of the Intestine enter th^
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^Xlff ""^^ of alt »ateHal$ pifchased plus a «alt a^itop {«afally
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hypomania. may persist throughout the attack, or it may develop more or less
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placed beyond all doubt, and in other cases nothing abnormal at all could be
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hemianopsia, but as yet little is known about the pathological anatomy of such
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James Madison Stifler, Secretary of the University, Harper Memorial Library,
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:V**^' described In "^FM 50'-5, ^roilcleticv codt^ fcr ^ht- n!l:..:^i!- pr:^f icii^ncv -^tvemfnender; ••"or t^^^
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Paul Eby Steiner, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology.
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