Custo Do Provera

Dr. William Weston, Columbia, corresponding secretary; Dr.
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the femur. North. Lancet, Winnipeg, 1890-91, iv, 306-308 —
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as in typhoid fever, the former disease may usually be recognized by the
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'or the presence of the tubercle bacillus. Milk from 1() dairies was
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explanation of the very local nature of the process. For our-
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only 36,742 officially-known insane. Since then the insane rate
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the sort in very stupid and apparently idiotic children
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nature of this phenomenon, and the methods of correcting it, to
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When the patient is able to eat, it is well to give him a
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Wisconsin Section of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecol-
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Journal of Obstetrics. Transactions of the Amierican Gynecological Society. The
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right treatment is instituted early enough, but structural alterations will
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ease developed was in a boy of 15 months, and the oldest was in a man
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poisoned, will be imperfect unless we are able to distinguish them from those
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close to the body as possible, at the same time sinking to the floor by bending the
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pletes the diagnosis. After the removal of the tumor the
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patient, March 4, 1861. He had taken Strychnine for the purpose
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Notes on the Practice of Medicine — E. Briggs, Wilmington, Clinton
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Mental Deficiency. — G. E. Shuttleworth, M.D., London.
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termine from the scant}' clinical data furnished by these three cases,
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forms us, belongs the credit of having first raised the medical profession in
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each optic disc, more clearly seen in the left eye ; 1 emerging
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from protected animals for the purpose of immunizing other animals
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Boards, and it is satisfactory to find how much unanimity exists. The cjirefully-
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beneficial in the only case of vomiting of pregnancy in which I
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tract without the coexistence of a tuberculous focus in
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yomig adult females. Sex, on the whole, exerts but little influence
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atrophy of the liver, for example) depends entirely upon the fact that from some
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these affections. It has been supposed that the inhalation of irritating
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A Very Grave Error.- -The experience of many of the best men of the profes-
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limi' I use in all suspected cases of prostatic hypertro-
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the lesion, as has been observed in pneumonia and in pulmonary
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every confidence of an improvement in the patient's
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where an admittance card is made out and a suitable room assigned. Ambulance
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porarily as a foreign body, and the so-called abortion habit may thus be pos-
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while all other factors, including the wearing of a binder, are