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also tolerate animal food that is deprived of fat; but they cannot

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interesting. The teeth come in pairs. The two lower front teeth

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bone is broken at right angles or straight across. When the fracture

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Dislocation of the shoulder is common and there are several vari-

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encouraged to perform their functions in a normal manner.

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ceed with an operation which may be indicated, but should rather,

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convulsions. Should convulsions occur, place the child in a warm

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food, and quarters where the table is not good are to be avoided.

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Slippery Elm Tea. — Take one ounce of slippery elm bark and

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and gradually getting shallow and feeble. The pulse becomes thready,

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any great extent. It may in some instances be delayed by treatment,

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the small joints be as liable to suffer as the large. The gradual onset

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twenty years of age, is far greater than in the male sex. Further-

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" Biscuit and butter, and perhaps cheese, if the quantity of fish