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when it is only nearly so, the medical treatment should be con-

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urinates at regular intervals during the next few hours, and the ferric chlorid test is

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neighbouring sensitive portion of the parietal peritoneum

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of the puerperium. An examination of the blood and se-

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advantages to be derived from medicine. In this stage loo,

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made a special study of the habits of these children of the forest, and

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perature, 100°. The urine is of light amber color, of

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determinations, or ligatures occasioning accumulations of the

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second dilution. Nothing unusual occurred the first two days except

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ration,. London, 1909) described three types of bronchopneumonia,

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of the uterus, which can be earily excited, and by passing

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instinctively regards his sexual organs with far more solicitude than he

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In rupture into the broad ligament, the case is comparatively safe, and can be

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lish the confidence of the surgeon on this method of pro-

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agraphic defects in the two well-known cases cited by Pitres, as examples

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blonde hair about 2 to 2^ inches long, and in amouut sufScient to fill a

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observed in two cats, and in seven other cats, of | to 4 hours.

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Kidney,'' and thus relieved me of a task which he was so much

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stores in the town where I lived, and found that lie

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1890 Wallis, Feedekice Charles, M.B., B.C., 107, Harley Street. W.

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in any degree upon pregnancy, is very rare at that time;

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in the experimental rabbits given to him by Dr. Tru-

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<Am. Med., Phila., v. 3 (8), Feb. 22, pp. 301-305, charts 1-6. [W-% W"^, W°.]

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^time. The patient is a good deal emaciated. Appetite is good.

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commencement, a degree of delirium, which sinks gradually as the

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the head, dizziness, ringing of the ears, flashes before the eyes, loss of

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statistically from one-third to somewhat less than one-half of all

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Cleidotomy (Division of the Clavicles). — J. W. Ballantyne*

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I have not infrequently found a full dose, repeated, if required, after inter-

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is gone. The most important conclusions of the article may be

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The fact that the above method did not nourish the body

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