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carcinomatosis had set in, it was hopeless. In Berlin,
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duced ; the whole independent of any change in the degree of the vital
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tion, that none would scarcely venture to assume the responsibility of the
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the spinal fluid. We regarded this patient as one who had recovered
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and in regard to eleven out of a total of thirteen cases detected in port
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tion he had suggested in' its use seemed appropriate. He had
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healthy inflammation and consequent non-union of the parts, and obviates
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anaphylaxis (resistance to a foreign protein) be developed by the injection of
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only 0.2 n to 0.3 M in breadth by 0.5 n in length (Fig. 203) . The organ-
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occurring at very early ages. In one case of his own the condition was
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1882 Barker, Frederick Charles, M.D., Surgeon-Major, Bombay Medical
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bottom of the vessel in a sandy powder, which partly attaches itself to
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course of tbe day, he discharges a liquid exactly like the u.**ine vihich he
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tunities in neurology and psychiatry are unsurpassed.
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bacillus from hay infusion, another from a sample of
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history of tuberculosis in the family is discovered in an excessive propor-
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A Practical Treatise on Foreign Bodies in the Air-passages. In one
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To my great surprise the above table shows a marked preponder-
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Ale in bottles is in good condition. BARCLAY'S PORTER and
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bones and soft parts, and while not greatly interfering with the functions
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the case is almost certainly one of grave import. The presence of organic change
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should be taken to put plenty of cotton around the ring at the upper
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matous disorders occasionally appear, and if the nursing be inefficient
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it is said, of the Medical Society of the District of Co-
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tbem lack of sense is intended. They only differ as one
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the 16th of April following, the first death from plague occurred
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branes with a female catheter or uterine sound. The liquor amnii
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labor. On the part of the child a weakening pulse and prolapsed
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so full of the subject that he is hardly qualified to write an elementary work, still
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instance. I am inclined to account for it by the lowered state of
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formation of amylase was made by Katz. He found that when the
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practice in the case in hand upon the solid foundation of gener-
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Two Cases of Mumps, with Metastasis to the Brain, hoth terminating fataUy.
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Irritable bladder is a common symptom, especially in men ; micturition
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