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stomocephalus, as given by G. Saint- Hilaire, represent
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tremely common irregularities of the septum. This is true largely
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138. It is in Pulmoiutry Consumption that the value
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organisms, the importance of rest and a general orien-
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the local hypersemia must be carefully studied if treatment is
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untarily. Insensibility is complete. The uterus, if labor has com-
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jected. {Journ. de Mid. et de Chir. Prat., March 1866.)
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grade (imbecility) are evident enough from the facial expression and
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necessary, Mr. Gun, the student on duty, was left in charge."
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too funny as a rule to spoil it by any attempt at correction.)
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of tne ligatures out into the vagina, as had been done in one case by
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Council shall have the force of laws at the Ordinary Meetings under its charge
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The sensitiveness of the test permits of the detection of
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stem pessaries, we shall think these instruments the most innocent of appliances,
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the nature of, and the mode of detecting, internal inflammations .
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what shall we do ?" Physician. — ''Ah ! what shall we do P" Young Practitioner.
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dioxide and water excreted by the animal. The results for the latter
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is not surprising when we consider that it is as unavoidable as death, and comes
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the Parisian Fever, as measles may be with scarlet fever. Louis
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experimental or histological findings it is impossible to say whether
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an equally-tempered medium, does away with fluctuation of the
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The idea to build a teaching hospital for the UNC medical school and
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Perusal of Table 1 will show that four rabbits were injected with the extract
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lives of these persons, who were sound when the policies
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contents. Treatment of the bowel by purgatives and enemata was
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other systems connected with it — /. e., of the symp-
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paralysed, as showing that the orbicularis oris is probably not supplied by
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influenza bacillus. It is of about the same breadth as the bacillus of mouth-
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tolled the merits of certain medicines now recognized as
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great city the results were much worse than in the squalid tents
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at the side of the opening or fissure and the dura examined.
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while 64.35 per cent, of the determinations are below 6. The average
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right jugular vein twenty-four hours after ligation of the thoracic
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and phenacetin, in syrup, coffee, or water, were also employed. No
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nor in our systems. " But/* it is urged in reply, " are not
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feature is, that the patient cannot stand upon one foot
hsv color space explained
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the work carried on consisted almost exclusively of painting
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but the author evidently attributes to accommodation an
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The patient's habits were good. She had had chronic polyarthritis with
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dence at fo the distribidion nfthe radial nerve on the back of the
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taught the preparations and doses of certain drugs, which he
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dence. For instance, what right has a mother or nurse
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adjoining tissue. The degenerative changes in the renal epithelium are
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flexion results. If the rectum is constantly distended by
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now appears, and in about four or five days a line of demarca-
skin detection using hsv color space matlab code
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and with no reason to believe him to be negligent or incom-
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intestine, while metastatic carcinoma in this region