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trachea and lungs while the surgeon is operating upon the throat.
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the ' direct ' is more useful for the study of details.
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pose, as the want of them mav render all efforts una-
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develops a progressive stupor and coma, surely has an
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nearly cost him his life, but which produced an almost
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as we may like an American work to succeed, we can not
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reach the head, neck, left shoulder, lower extremities,
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is most marked in these structures (Hayem), Neumann observed cases in which
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peared, and on the fifth, or, latest, on the seventh, day
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scess in the broad ligament on the opposite side from the
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etc. jSIany physicians {prefer, not without good reason, to withhold food
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either friend or foe to give us a just history of the
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mackerel), with ^ ounce butter; ^ pound roast pork, beef,
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tables. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been, and now
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energy quotient — 100 calories per kilo of bodj'^ weight in the first half of
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— an epistaxis, for instance, happening several months before the cerebral
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these glands in an effort to scrape them out is bad surgery. 1 never
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Monstrosity. — At a recent meeting of the Academic de Medecine, M.
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vage and unfeeling brm^; he is borne away by the most terrible
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cornea and momentarily threatening its vitality ; in such a case we
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allotted to bile among the digestive fluids. The most important
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As has been the case with the science and art of the pro-
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cies at San Diego. Thurs-Sat. Contact: California Society, 3803
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sufficiently high to obviate the necessity for such elementary notes,
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made by him : "A blue jacket was received on board a gun-
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ascribed to hyperpyrexia, want of oxygen, hydrasmia
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ter then described his treatment of naevae:, by strangulation, the only modifi-
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tive, should be relaxed in the slightest degree un-
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Company of America has been incorporated at ^150,000 under
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tend the members of the Association was the expres-
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des deux oa avec issue de I'un des fragments; gufrison.
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committees across the state. While we mount the deaths
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dilating power is equal to sea-tangle or sponge. It is
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always to be found in an increase of auri- uterus, hemorrhage is liable to be severe,