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Maeazine Medicine. — Commenting upon the report by
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26. Foreign bodies of metallic or organic nature may cause their
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Definition. — A rapid and tumultuous action of the heart
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morphology of the hasmatozoon of malaria. Internat. M.
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N"0SE Straightener. — This is the name of a new instrument, displayed
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cases, of which mv own child's case is the most striking. The
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Te* , h"iai i e Ortfratoire, Journal de Chinirgie. Vol. xii, p. 701.
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navel, but the knitting-needle made its exit through the
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Or, remove all maggots and dress wounds with following:
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tumor to be a combined myelo-meningocele and lipoma. Tlie cleft was in the
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autumn of 1.S93, and that notice of such intended opening
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be given to the subject of pediatrics? In answering these
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deformity, however, will remain undiminished through life.
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reports have been made as to the efficacy of vaccine therapy