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in hospitak they are not seen early enough. He states that the best method of
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serious disease. Under the most favourable circumstances it means a
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you marry a consumptive invalid, not only may you becf)me
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■whether federals or not, with the greatest zeal. With regard
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son, have brought it into prominence. It is more often observed in females,
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boiled for one and a half hours ; and ungerminated peas
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intense, constant, aching character, often so bad that the patient was unable
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a wound in his head. He was taken in a comatose condition to the
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Three days later, the 13th day of the disease, and next to the
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another, attracted attention, and an invaluable pa-
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legal value. Moreover, the investigation itself has not been carried
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neither by acid nor by basic coloring matters alone,
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methods employed in the operative treatment of hernia would be
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tions are for even more careful observation, and if above ISO the
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The Governors of the German Hospital at Dalston have
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bronchial element is feeble or absent, and the respiratory sounds are
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namely, of expressing his ideas in succinct terms of definite signification.
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was not much to be said with regard to future sanitary
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cases. I need not stop now to inquire how the milk acts, because
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which the convulsions are not due to active brain disease, to
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writer of the book of Kings believed that the cure had been
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crates, ivledicorum omnium lonije ])riueii)i3 epidemio-
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aortic or pulmonic stenosis. Vierordt^^ and Hinze,^^ in con-
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characteristic signs of obsolete pleurisy, viz., dulness, diminished
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expressed himself emphatically against the removal of the gall-
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