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reaching at several points half an inch, or even more.
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chitis in some of its phases. There is probably at first some difficulty of
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malignant. The patient was living, 14 months after opera-
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plainly derived from nitrogenous matter, so that, by the meta-
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adopted. The papers just spoken of, or abstracts of them, were read
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To counties like this, the State Board of Health can offer what Dr.
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in hLs cases of miscarriage which he must treat alone and at a distance from all
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the gut end to end, using three guiding sutures. He had had six cases,
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until trypanosomes are first detected in it, in order to deter-
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After plugging the rent partially and the vagina more fully with gauze,
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lowest vertebrates and as my own do not include observations on the neuroglia
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tal spirit within its temporary and fragile tenement. In him an
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the pancreas, it looked so large and firm that I felt I
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the number of red globules may sink below 500,000 per
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Properties. — Colorless, or white, cubical crystals, or
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24 inches, weighs 11 lb. 11 oz., and is normally developed.
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Treatment. — Hypertrophy, per se, as might be in-
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should alone be specified and described in the Pharmacopeia.
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probe was in the pericardium or not, but finally found the pus, and patient got
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its amount does not bear any fixed relation to the gravity of the attack.
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tlie beginning of the fever is to be anticipated. After the fifth day an
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ished my restlessness and (I believe) my temperature.
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giving details and reasoning, is very worthwhile. It con-
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There are five main methods of heating: (1) open fires; (2) stoves;
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It has, in some instances, produced alarming toxical etfe(;ts and even death.^
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contempt common to all inferior professions, as it will well