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At the present time, nearly 30 years later, he is earning

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series of test-tuljcs charged with infusions, which, ex-

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if there had been complete A-V block with the auricles and

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Mr. Hardy was as fully impressed as was the hon. member

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tinent, the term varies much, but equally in both cases as far

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produced by narcotic poisons are cured much more speedily, and with-

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terms of the writ addressed to the sheriff : 4 In propria persona tua accedas

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j Delaware now has four branches to serve you. They

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during alcohol injection accounts for the fall in the amount of urine following

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symptoms, the cerebro-spinal system must be carefully examined for

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Association, held last June in Dublin,^ in papers read

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clerk of the county in which the person resides. Traveling quacks arc

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modic condition of the heart (sometimes organic disease,) particularly

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took the form of severe delirium tremens. We shall revert to this

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to them. Though, therefore, the number is comparatively small from which to

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Exceptionally, it runs rapidly to a fatal issue. Generally in these cases

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higher spontaneous development of the disease among such animals in com-

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pointed out after giving a description of yellow fever. Among

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49-51. Also, transl. ': Klin. Monatsbl. f. Augenh., Stuttg.,

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juice produces gastric ulcer or prevents healing of one already

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Dr. N. R. Smith, of Baltimore, in the u Surgical Memoirs of Dr.

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count employed it and its adjectival derivatives in order

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had previously been so free from malaria that the sufferers from Indian

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sub-acute atonic Rheumatism are equally capable of being suddenly ar-

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not to push them after the functions of the skin have been fully established,