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capital funds and the Joint (Disablement) Committee.

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other diseased grain may, and similar effects may so be pro-

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phagocytism is prominent in cases of spontaneous cure

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tion of the labors of physician and surgeon. So long as the

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gestion, it vfWl, as in the healthy organism, act on the

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iron, liquor ferri perchloridi, sulphate of zinc, tannin, oil of tur-

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cervical opening was completely covered with placenta which was very

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March 13th. Three loose dejections in twenty-four hours. Fifteen

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during the period from July 5 to 11, 15 persons died of plague

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continual strife seemed to exist in this domestic circle. Her

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Bur('oi-«l (G. H.) On the functioii.s and lesions of tbe

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Ann.Soc.d'anat. path, de Brux., 1888, no. 3i, 4-11.— Fiiiny

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principal effect from the knee to the ankle. The change from flexion to exten-

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essary. We should remove the drainage-tube early, as its

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perversion of feeling, and temper, when the menses are arrested by

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croup. Although diphtheria owes its name to the firequent presence of

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lens. Rays not parallel but divergent, as from a small and near

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laudable. Each of them has led to advances in clinical teaching

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albuminous constituent of the plasma is probably the analogue of the caseous

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Miss O'Connor-Eccles seeks some consolation for the miseries of the

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obtain medical assistance in their hour of need ; - and

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" Dear Sir, — I saw your patient Keily when I was at home

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to import the seeds, and express the oil, for the supply of the Medi-

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selected cases. There is, however, at the present time such an unwise

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comes in April pasture will be at hand and corn may be added, making the ration

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this paper in contributing something toward popularizing the proceed-

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of centric origin. If pennancTit relief followed the opera-

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By this time several cases of the sort already described had received attention,

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meal is over, fits the bilious business man for his

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rubra under the eczematous affections. An eruption of sudamina has

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if others are less fortunate, it is attributable to their own fault.

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Dr. Simpson asserts that tlie child's head is more compressible if it

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