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depth) deadened and made solid by a concrete filling. The ward will have

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la viSsiciile biliaire. Gaz. m6d. de Nantes, 1889-90, viii,

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capable of transmission by direct contact to many other animals,

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These and many other little things said and done passed

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not a mere imposing of behaviour upon the mind, as other boys had teased him about

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a great many years among near relatives of a dozen or

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junctivitis but no chemosis. There was a small poste-

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to any great excess, for about the same period. To-day she had drunk several

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They no longer simply record the reading of essays, but

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our list to be a provisional and diminishing one '? The figures already

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altnough it excluded certain fluid conditions, such as hemato-

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colour, and thickly covered with hairs. Length, 3-3 millimetres.

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the thigh was of no service. Leeches, poultices, anodynes in

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puerperal eclampsia. A ptomaine, leucomaine, or some

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of the ribs, a resistance to their deviation, which

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But nobody, to my knowledge, havijig ever observed that either. 1 fee!

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Having since my last introduction to you, commenced the

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ous toil, but that they might prevent much needless suffer-

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lights introduced during the next year, from an unexpended appropriation for

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muscles, which were not only sore but stiff, are practically

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ditions of the population. He admits, however, that the facts of disease

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ture. 1905. Washington. Government Printing Office.

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the blade is entering, press the skin toward the blade ; this

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The proper dilution of milk to suit a baby's stomach is

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within a fortnight ; but sometimes loss of memory lasts for two or three

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which the bone protrudes from between the flaps, but of course the flaps

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te of a boy, aged thirteen : he died in about thirty-six hours. But less thaii

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admitted with symptoms, and found to have albuminuria with acidosis, w^iich

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strong. Pa?'i passu, the respiratory movement deepened and

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