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or they may collect in the pyloric region and be carried down

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)f ''kefir grains," concerning whose origin but little is known. Dur-

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the country against infection from abroad was under the control of the

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occasionally parasitic in nasal passages; tongueworms

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tetragena Viereck" is identical with Entameba histoly-

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natural inference that the game under consideration is one in which the

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high temperature, of various medicinal agents; continual moistening of

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bounds — typhus from 3,743 up to 8,040 cases in hospitals — an increase

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parents or friends are not always gifted with good powers of

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where with the aid of lawyers, it has been so arranged

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age, who came about the middle of June, from Whites-

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□rUDDDDDaDDDn DDnDnDnnnDDn 3DDC □□□□DDQDDDDDDDDDn :]□□□□□□□□□□□

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the other, side. Muscular contractions, twitchings, and convulsive move-

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medium composed of agar and trypsinized peptone solution for

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resorted to early, this method of treatment may reduce subsequent

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information as to the sensory state of the organ. It

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but "better late than never." It is the duty of the medical

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of the test, no more antibodies were present, but that the vaccination with

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tions may establish it. There is little doubt that under some con-

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of beauty ; it has become the toy, the pet, the plaything, of the multi-

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pcmctioe, informs me that, when he is unable to refer severe nervous

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of the fit, it explains not why the fit occurs. I think it does not explain

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civilized mankind return, as they are doing, to the

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WHM soon rx|)ost'«l, witli tlu; nirotld artery, frit, pulsa-

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painful ; no pulsation to be felt, but the bruit still audible ;

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these circumstances I have been able to reproduce all the

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The dryness of the atmosphere in this territory will

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It 18 not surprising, then, to learn that anotlier school

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" there are others " will give them a fellow feeling that will make them

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stand GRAMMAR. Somebody said, a long time ago, that " any thing was

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point at this time for the benefit of all members of

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is less likely to occur today than it was ten years ago. Syphilitic

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