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host of the liver fluke is not the slug as supposed, but a small aquatic animal, which
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Dr. H. Y. Wooten, of Tennessee, is engaged on a work on the disease!
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with blood, and a branch of one of the great pulmonary veins had ap-
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which Sanderson speaks very positively is the frequent occurrence of ulcera-
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and when administered, makes a disagreeable impression, and also may excite spasms by
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fresh and sterilizes it. A syringe capable of holding six drachms is used,
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pose of completing the contribution I have devoted a portion of my
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by Dr. Bowditch, already referred to, pretty conclusively proves
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right mammary line, and over it the percussion note was
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tality tables, it seems extremely probable that though
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shows us that the amount of sugar formed in such cases varied
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dom, or of any foreign University approved by the College.
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well. Have you seen the account of our New York '^sicab" Doc-
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will decrease the function of many glands, and if this
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home in a cab, and soon became collapsed, and so re-
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This is the more remarkable because there must have been, in Experiment I,
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nation without leaving any very distinct traces of inflana-
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to Eliminate Tuberculosis will be continued and extended by this project. New Haven is very fortunate to have the expertise
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