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of the most trusted of advisers and one of the best of friends."
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phine, and atrophine. tinue for some time, the patient does not
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ABOUT CHILDREN. Six lectures given to the nurses in the Training
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and the two oldest Colleges in Philadelphia, answers were returned, re-
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Bull. ni6d. d. Vosges, Eambervillers, 1892, vi, no. 24. .52-
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time eighteen feet high and sixteen wide inside. The
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of the disease is the state of the tonsils. In the milder form,
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Medium.- — The standard beef-extract broth (reaction -\- 1.5) recom-
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applied for one hour, and the delivery was accomplished
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find mycelia in any of the cases examined. The parasite does not pene-
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become hardened by calcareous deposit to such an extent that it was
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rises rapidly, often reaching by the end of the first twenty-four hours
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ulceration of the stomach in childhood. He recognizes two varieties
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enema is most effectual. It will be found possible to deal with diar-
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solution of miirphia ordered every half-hour until the
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tack there was complete aphasia, with the exception
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ahange? O. 28 -nob, B. O. 27 hyne, V., but hige below; hyge, H.
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The conclusions are that in epidemics of small-pox that every
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which was increased by lying on his right side. He had no medical
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enced a seizure at home and was brought to the hospital and
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came in contact with clothes that might have contained sputum,
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ment of oxygen gas. Thus the class of bodies, of which peroxide of
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Toward the end of the tenth, or at the beginning of the
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course it could not communicate with the abdominal cav-
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treated in extenso^ and the various theories, especially witli
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Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood; second,
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Dose.— H. & C, 3ss.-iv. (2.-15,); Sh. & Sw., 3 ss.-i. (2.-4.); D.,
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of the church, by which he was persecuted and finally