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actual cautery, as practised by French surgeons. Now, in my opinion,
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The ease with which drinking water may be become con-
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ing a long education and training process. Yet we took the
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him the possibilities of plastic surgery. 864 illustrations, including 1,63 7 figures.
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Stewart ^ and Slack ^ used a refinement of the same method.
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* Abstracted. from T^ie American Therapist^ "i^n, 15, 1905.
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into its wall could be regarded as secondary or as coming from cancer in
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secting up from the latter, in order to expose the external and internal carotid, about a
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Htioner of the nervous disturbances of the heart follow-
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tubules of the kidney, why do they at one time form urinary sediments,
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excepting practice of medicine and surgery; and it was further pro-
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losopliy on our side: ningna est Veritas, et prevalebit, (truth is mighty,
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slight chills, furred tongue, great prostration of strength early in
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love or charity, which in a tangible form appear as relief and
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ally lasted near a week or longer. In a few the symptoms seemed to
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connected with the technique, making it clear at the same time that it
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which is done with difficulty, we often find the tonsils so swollen as to
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if the uterus be well contracted after delivery, it cannot sub-
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breaking the spinous processes of two vertebraj, the left thigh, and caus-
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and here, too, it is well to be on hand early in order to obtain a desira-
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in the tropics. Singer considers that he has met this disease in
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ative atrophy of the muscles, so that they no longer respond in the
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June 24, 1890. — Under ether anaesthesia a two-inch-and-a-
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till the close of the war, serving successively on the staffs of Gens.
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of the delirium which characterizes typhus and typhoid fever. Delirium is
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• ination, opening an abscess or dressing a septic case. The results
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Toronto, in the County of York, Province of Ontario, and Dominion of Canada, a meeting of
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most of the cases, llie doctor had also suffered from a
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was no such safeguard to protect our profession and the'public
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called glossy skin. Conversely, an increase in the subcutaneous fat
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He would not attempt a definition of what was puer-
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Roberts, and subsequently became an out-patient again under
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people of West Ham and Stratford, for instance, seem
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and uric acid occurring in the same patient, and sometimes
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