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our stronghold." — (Headland.) " The whole of life is a perpetual struggle
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about in the aqueous humor, in the anterior chamber of the eye.
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writing is a late acquisition of the human race, and, except in civilised
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brought reason and philosophy to bear upon experience, and steadily set
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killed by a ball Avhich was found to have entered below the right shoulder,
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Schaffner W. The use and efficacy of child restraint
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The solution should be fresh, and should be allowed to remain in
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and left pleura were distended with fluid ; there was no ascites
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as 300 ** F., which have been employed, are irrational and of little use.
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with the fever-poison before admission, a view which suggested the import-
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court — that it had not a leg to stand upon ? But
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his practice to St. Louis Park. Dr. Lengly had main-
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of " carelessness." These questions, however, which are not rendered
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that cow-pox was derived from horse " grease," lias long been
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medical units, but are varied to suit terrain and prob-
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there is evidently some trouble with organs of respiration.
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from the few oxi)orimeiits that I have made upon spiders, I am
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Necropsy : The heart (weiglit, 17 oz.) was hypertrophied, chielly on the
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observe the distribution of the mass. The three inner
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eil by Mr. Hr^'ant, and held out of tlic mouth by means of a fiat for-
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to the uterine wall. The first hemorrhage may occur in labor, which
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account of so many of the victims of pellagra becoming inmates of
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cases where the visual word - centre is destroyed in a person much
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fundus distinctly gave the refractive condition of the examined eyes. In
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lar organs, which they affect always in one manner, and in pre-
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cording to the intensity of the vertigo. I may add that